Talks & Workshops


Electoral quick-count, sample design and modelling.

We discuss the sample design and modeling tasks carried out by the Technical Committee of the Electoral Quick Count (INE). In …

Model based and Design based Inference for the quick-count

In this talk we discussed Model based and Design based Inference for the Mexican electoral quick-count, the assumptions, advantages and …

Electoral forecasts with R (Spanish)

We share our experience working with R to forecast election results. In particular we highlight the importance of following good …

A Bayesian Multilevel Model for the Mexican quick-count (Spanish)

We explain the model we used for the 2021 Mexican electoral quick-count. We share the Bayesian workflow we followed for development and …

Data Science in Democracy (Spanish)

We discuss the challenges on the Mexican Electoral quick-count, and how our team worked to tackle them.

Safe Paths, Naming Files (Spanish)

I participated as instructor in the CDSB’s 2021 workshop, held remotely.