Talks & Workshops


Safe Paths, Naming Files (Spanish)

I participated as instructor in the CDSB’s 2021 workshop, held remotely.

DemocRacy with R: quick-counts 2021 (Spanish)

I share our work in the Mexican electoral quick-count, and why we choose to use R on the different stages of our work.

Challenges in the Mexican Electoral quick-count (Spanish)

We discuss the challenges on the Mexican Electoral quick-count, and how our team worked to tackle them.

Geospatial data with R (Spanish)

I delivered an intrductory workshop on geospatial data with R. Focused on creating maps with the packages sf and leaflet.

Responsible AI

In this talk, I shared our work on Responsible AI, I explained usual challenges and mistakes in building and applying machine learning methods during the AI life-cycle.

Sailing the tidyverse (Spanish)

I delivered a two hour workshop for beginners in R. The material covered the basics of data wrangling with the Tidyverse.