Talks & Workshops


Sailing the tidyverse (Spanish)

I delivered a two hour workshop for beginners in R. The material covered the basics of data wrangling with the Tidyverse.


How I use Math (Spanish)

A talk for high-school students interested in STEM, I describe my experience, including challenges and collaboration in different …

Modelling daily cases of COVID in Mexico (Spanish)

In this talk, we described the model we fitted for estimating daily cases of COVID-19 in Mexico.

Modelling daily cases of COVID in Mexico (Spanish)

A talk describing the Imperial College model we adpated and fitted for Mexico, with the purpose of estimating daily state-level cases …

Data science for the electoral quickcount (Spanish)

In this talk we describe of the model we developed and the challenges we faced when predicting the results of the Mexican 2018 …

Safe Paths, Naming Files (Spanish)

I participated as instructor for the CDSB’s 2020 workshop, held remotely.

Do not fear R (Spanish)

I lead a demo of data analysis with R, featuring how to import, transform, and plot data in R. The talk showcased the use of R in data …

Mexican electoral quick count night with R

In this talk, I share our experience using R in the Mexican electoral quick count, I highlight the importance of reproducibility for …


Working on a Collaborative Project

I participated as instructor for the CDSB’s runconf, held at Cuernavaca.

Introduction to Bayesian Networks (Spanish)

A review of probability with simulation and an introduction to Bayesian Networks with R.